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He was a caveman. He was hungry. He had to eat the best omelette. No normal eggs could be used for this. Where to find perfection?

  • What dangers will he face on his epic quest? 
  • Will he be able to jump across the rivers and waterfalls? 
  • Will he get eaten instead?
//This is game made for our school's game project course.
//We made this to learn more about making games and programming.
//Have fun playing.


  • Heikki - Programming, level creation, testing.
  • Micke- Programming, level creation, testing.
  • Eemi - Programming, menu creation, level design, level creation, testing.
  • Janessa - Main character design and modelling, level win -screen illustrations.


Hugis.7z 380 MB


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War is hell, 5/5